Therapeutic Massage

Massage, one of the oldest therapies known to humans, naturally and holistically relaxes and sooths body, mind and spirit.

When muscles become tense or knotted their flexibility is reduced often causing pain, a reduced range of movement and a restriction of proper circulation. Massage, through the application of slow deep pressure strokes, compression movements and friction techniques help to relax the muscles, restoring flexibStones Massage Photoility, reducing pain and improving range of movement.

Where appropriate, I integrate the use of hot stones into my massage. Hot stones are one of the most effective and successful ways to treat muscular-skeletal pain. The stones are used to apply slow, deep pressure strokes and compression movements. The warmth from the stones melts away muscular tension, allowing the tissue to relax more deeply. This enables more effective deep tissue work, resulting in a faster recovery from pain or injury.

Therapeutic Massage benefits patients through:

  • Breaking down knots, scar tissue and adhesions affecting muscles and connective tissue.

  • Increased metabolic activity of the affected tissue.

  • Stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

  • Detoxification; removing waste products from muscles lessening the effects of injury.

  • Reducing muscle pain and increasing flexibility and movement.

  • Calming the body, mind and spirit, bringing about a reduction in stress, fatigue and relieving emotional exhaustion.

  • Improving sleep and promoting a greater sense of well being.

  • Lowing blood pressure.

• Calms the body, mind and spirit, bringing about a reduction in stress, fatigue and relieving emotional

Massage treatments

I can offer full body massage, or I can focus on specific areas of your body. The massage can be deep tissue or relaxation, or a combination of both. Hot stones can also be integrated into your massage where appropriate. I use only high quality organic base oils and essential oils.

Can I combine acupuncture and massage?

Whether you have acupuncture or massage depends on your condition and what you are looking for. I can provide acupuncture, or massage separately. I can also combine them in one treatment, which for some conditions can bring about faster relief from symptoms.

To find out if acupuncture and massage can help you call me on 07786 072942


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